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You can read and download the different texts that have been written about the palm trees of Santander.


Luis González-Camino

My friend Juan Carlos Sanz-Briz has asked me to preface this book. He must have thought I was some kind of expert on them. But no, I am just a passionate admirer. The whole plant kingdom is for me a huge bazaar where I can enjoy the immense variety and beauty, often very surprising, of plant forms, and at very different scales and sizes.  Keep reading


Juan Carlos Sanz-Briz Quijano

To the Readers of this book,

It is very gratifying for me to address you through these lines. The first thing I want to do is to explain why my name appears on the cover of this book, when I am a person who knows nothing about botany and even less about palm trees. Furthermore, the very few photos I have ever taken in my life, Keep reading

Santanderiensia Curiosa Specimina Palmarum

Miguel Soler-Roig

Since I was very young I have been fascinated by palm trees, with their magnificent height and their exotic plant appearance. I remember the Phoenix Canariensis at the entrance to my childhood school, the Jesuits of Sarriá in Barcelona...Keep reading

Among palm trees. Brief history of the gardens of Santander

Luis Sazatornil Ruiz

The bay of Santander, the largest of the Cantabrian coast, stands out for its breadth, depth and protection. Historically it has known a continuous and intense human activity and almost half of its original surface has been filled in the last two centuries. On the northern shore has grown the city of Santander, which, curled up in its bay, turns towards the warmth and protection of the south. Keep reading

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